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Spring is upon us and that means open Summer of code is just around the corner. Today OKFN Belgium launches #oSoc14, which is a three week project where we ask students to apply for the best and most open student job in Belgium. This year we’ll have 6 open projects for the students to work on, which they will turn from idea to proof of concept. During this edition we’ll have bigger teams, more inspiration and 3 different locations to discover. Want to apply? Read our blogpost on how you can. Follow #oSoc14 for more up-to-date information.

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My ride is still in beta. 

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Even heroes need coffee.

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This will not go out of my head for a long time. 

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I love these chemical smoke clouds

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The Temper Trap by Alberto Seveso

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Canine Raptor Costume of the Day: Perfect for walks at the Jurassic Dog Park.